Mandek Penha’s debut album has landed! ~|~

“‘Our Present: The Current Earthly Embodiment’ delves into an otherworldly presence, a higher power, one that highlights the undeniable comedic and music genius of Mandek Penha”

Beach Sloth

“Mandek Penha augments your reality with a commitment to artistic vision rivaled by very few musical acts on this planet”

Repeat Button

“Mandek’s weird blend of hilarious showmanship, complex songwriting and eye-widening religious spectacle is unmatched on the Melbourne live music scene today: it must be experienced”

Concrete Playground

“he is a true original, and his dedication to his craft needs to be seen to be believed”

Ugly N’ Weird

“The Current Earthly Embodiment was characteristically composed at the palpable appreciation emanating from the crowd”

Vulture Magazine