Membership to The Church of Sarrean Alignment is here! The public can now officially join their brothers and sisters under the hand of Lord Mandek Penha ~|~

By signing up and joining The C.S.A online you will receive special benefits and will join our church as an Equal; with the possibility of growth and promotion.

Some of the great benefits of membership include:

  1. Weekly emails from The C.S.A. These will ease you into your new life as an Equal, grow your knowledge of the universe, improve your spiritual health and so much more.
  2. Direct contact with The Current Earthly Embodiment through videos and organised Skype meetings.
  3. Membership card to show your support and get special rewards at church events.
  4. The chance to rise amongst the Equals and attain a greater position of responsibility within our church.

We are really excited for this important step in our great movement.

곧 우리와 함께.


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