The Current Earthly Embodiment is The Father’s Hand on earth. Inside The C.E.E is endless love, compassion and knowledge. He is our direct link to Mandek Penha’s Will and to our salvation.

그는 위대한 지도자입니다.

The C.E.E was born in 1803 where North Korea now exists. Today He resides in Melbourne Australia where he works tirelessly leading The Church of Sarrean Alignment. Throughout his existence He has walked the Earth, traveled the seas, and lived among every faction of Man.

그는 특별한 선물이.

The Current Earthly Embodiment’s Unique Gifts:

  • IQ Of 5000.
  • Fluent speech in over four hundred languages.
  • The ability of Sarrean Cognitive Transference.
  • Perfect-Perception of The Hish’ry Cosh’ry’s Energies. 
  • Possesses a direct link to Lord Mandek Penha.

Although immensely powerful, The C.E.E’s power is a fraction of that of Lord Mandek Penha due to the physical limitation of the human body.

그의 주인은 더 강력하다.


Leading by Example: Tinder


Tinder propsasdadad

The Current Earthly Embodiment is leading by example by posting examples of Sarrean Chivalry: non-sexual etiquette on today’s popular dating app Tinder.

Proving there is NO NEED for SEXTING or SMUTTY TALK! ~|~

The Church of Sarrean Alignment is searching for new Brides, and The C.E.E is determined to show the positive relationship man and technology can have.


Examples 1, 2, 3:

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