In 1350 a group of 9 exiled travellers set out to sea to build their settlement on land where the country of North Korea now exists.

Among them was The First Earthly Embodiment of Lord Mandek Penha. Inside this seemly normal man lived infinite love, compassion and knowledge.

Throughout their journey he shared his virtues with his fellow travellers, and helped them understand the truth of all things. Flawed and of regular stock, these good men were soon to discover the company they kept and the burden of great responsibility. 


Upon reaching land they ate and prepared to travel the earth. As they began their trek The First Earthly Embodiment told stories. Taken by these wonderful tales the men listened intently, hanging on his every word as he spoke.

The first story cost 50 words. The second story cost 25 words. By the end of the third story Sarrean Cognitive Transference had replaced his words. Now that Transference had been achieved the stories ended. 

It was time for the truth. 

With them He shared knowledge through the sending of brilliant images. These images contained information and were perceived instantaneously by the billions, within these images they learnt about themselves and of the universe. The burden of understanding all that is, and all that has ever been is great and requires much from a mind. The weakest of the travellers became insane, he denied the truth of all things and sunk into the earth.

There were now 8. 


The travellers were now free of ego and all mistruths, they let go of who they thought they were and everything they once believed. They had accepted the truth. Within their newly acquired knowledge the travellers now possessed The Father’s Plan.

Unified and with a sense of purpose they transversed in silence and concurred the earth beneath them. They knew that soon they would set up camp and begin a mission spanning hundreds of years; a mission to save humanity from impending doom.


 Today that mission continues.

With operations based in North Korea and Australia, The Church of Sarrean Alignment strives to spread:

  • LOVE: Lord Mandek Penha and His Sanctuary South Sarra ~|~
  • The awareness of EVIL: The Hish’ry Cosh’ry :<|>:
  • HOPE: our alien benefactors IMZ ._|:-

With the leadership and vision of The Current Earthly Embodiment, together we can fulfil The Father’s Plan and live in a world free of Hidden Negative Energy.

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