Who is Mandek Penha?

A: Mandek Penha is an ancient immaterial being. He is the creator of South Sarra.His knowledge and love provides us with our best defence against the greatest source of evil in The Natural Universe – The Hish’ry Cosh’ry :<|>:

What is The Hish’ry Cosh’ry?

A: The Hish’ry Cosh’ry is an evil spirit; it is immaterial and wields terrible power. Its negative energies blanket earth and harm all living things.

In what ways does The Hish’ry Cosh’ry effect man?

A: The Hish’ry Cosh’ry is the cause of all man’s confusion, fear, pain, and suffering. The Hish’ry Cosh’ry wishes to break the Fighting-Spirit Within so that it can control the minds of men. Mandek Penha is thepinecounter to this destructive force. The Hish’ry Cosh’ry’s Pleasures include; violence, oppression, sadism and sexual violence.

How does Mandek Penha protect us?

A: With Mandek Penha’s love in our hearts, Man shows great resilience to The Hish’ry Cosh’ry’s Negative Energies. It is through the understanding of The Father’s love that we fortify The Fighting Spirit Within and protect ourselves whilst living on earth. Mandek Penha also provides us with vital knowledge in our ongoing quest to completely remove The Hish’ry Cosh’ry’s influence on Earth (See question #20).

Where does Mandek Penha exist?

Mandek Penha exists within two planes – The Natural Universe, and His multiverse, South Sarra. Within South Sarra Hh3 exists everywhere; within the very fabric that makes up The Father’s Land. WithinThe Natural Universe, Mandek Penha embodies one man – The Current Earthly Embodiment (see Q#14 for more on The C.E.E).

What exactly is South Sarra?

A: South Sarra is a paradise for all human beings, a peaceful sanctuary created by Lord Mandek Penha. It is only within South Sarra that man can find true peace, and everything that has ever been desired.

Where is South Sarra located?

South Sarra exists on another plane which rotates alongside Earth. Below South Sarra is land ruled by man.North Korea is the closest point to The Sarra from Earth; this is not coincidence, but preference. North Korea is The Home-Land, The Holy Terminal. Without knowing it, North Koreais “The Father’s Favourite”.

Why did Mandek Penha create South Sarra?

A: Mandek Penha created South Sarra as a gift for Humanity. He witnessed our coming – but was unhappy with The Hidden Negative Energies which have always plagued us while on Earth. He recognised that our consciousness was pure, though The Natural Universe was not. Consequently, He created South Sarra as the perfect environment to house our sentient consciousness.

How is South Sarra a paradise for all Humanity?

A: Within South Sarra The Father’s Children take on what is called their Pure-Form, that is, the form which they wish to exist as within South Sarra. They are also given the exact environment they wish to live in. Each individual (or group of individuals) has an entire universe constructed for them by The Father – these are known as The Desired Realms. Each Desired Realm contains everything His Children will ever need, everything His Children will ever desire. These Desired Realms are the fabric which make up South Sarra; The Father’s Multiverse.

You say Desired Realms can contain anything – do you really mean anything?

Yes, within South Sarra some of The Father’s Children exist retaining their human form, whilst others choose a more abstract existence. For example, some choose to exist as colour, others as light or air. Some Children exist as things which don’t appear in The Natural Universe, some even choose to exist without knowing they exist.

Other than their Pure Forms – any kind of universe/environment can be created under The Father’s Hand.

This sounds complicated…how will The Father know what my Desired Realm will be like, and whom I wish to share it with?

Upon entry into South Sarra, The Father’s Children will learn all that The Father knows, during this process The Father too will learn all that His Children have experienced. Through this intimate understanding, The Father will know exactly which Desired Realm to construct for each Child.

What if some people desire things that are aligned with The Hish’ry Cosh’ry? How then will South Sarra be a utopian multiverse?

As only the truest of people can enter South Sarra – their Desired Realms will naturally be aligned with The Father’s Way, and will inherently oppose The Hish’ry Cosh’ry. Once His Children learn everything The Father knows, there will be no fighting or arguing, no politics, for the only thing remaining will be joy and happiness – The Father’s Way.

How do we enter South Sarra?

A: Entering South Sarra requires a lifetime of work. Firstly, one must reject The Hish’ry Cosh’ry in all its forms. Once one’s heart and mind are clear of The Hish, and have shown positive results in Father Thought Sessions, then one might consider heading to The Homeland. Situated underneath South Sarra, North Korea exists as the closest point from The Sarra to Earth – making it The Homeland, His Holy Terminal.

Once one has trained vigorously in The Homeland, one would consider making The Great Swim. The Great Swim is a final test in which one swims into The Sea of Japan, off the coast of North Korea. If one can successfully differentiate themselves from what is Hish’y – then The Father will collect their soul, bringing them to South Sarra. If one makes The Great Swim with The Hish in their heart – then their soul will remain within their sunken empty vessel.

Why does Mandek Penha embody a man on Earth (The Current Earthly Embodiment)?

A: Mandek Penha limits his influence on Earth to a single vessel. He wishes to enlighten man through modest means – “with one of their own”. Mandek Penha is capable of enlightening humanity as a whole, in just an instant, but Mandek Penha demands Humanity work for enlightenment, and limits his influence over others – “for Mandek Penha controls only his own creations”.

With use of The Current Earthly Embodiment Mandek Penha wishes to spread the word of South Sarra, secondarily he wishes to make aware The Hidden Negative Energies which plague man.

Is The Current Earthly Embodiment human? Does He live forever?

A: The C.E.E is not entirely human – but He is mortal. As respect to The Natural Universe, Mandek Penha demands that his Embodiments rise and fall in accordance with death.

How is The Current Earthly Embodiment chosen/created?

A: Among many duties, The Current Earthly Embodiment must choose from His many Brides to create The Next Earthly Embodiment. This Bride, chosen for her intelligence, diligence, creativity, and her Will-Fortification, will bear the responsibility of birthing The Next Earthly Embodiment.

If the birth results in The Next Earthly Embodiment being female (which is currently the case) – then she must choose a male with which to create her successor. This male must be aligned with The Father – and must have great political influence over Man.

Once The Current Earthly Embodiment becomes dead – The Next Earthly Embodiment will take his or her place.

What happens to The Current Earthly Embodiment when he or she dies?

A: Shortly after an embodiment becomes dead – they transform into a Past Earthly Embodiment. The Past Earthly Embodiments are void of decision making and are commanded by The Current Earthly Embodiment. Among many tasks The Past Earthly Embodiments must protect the key figures under The Father’s Hand. The Past Earthly Embodiments do not contain what is often referred to as a “soul”, and do not die of natural causes, they are often referred to as “The Elders” or “Drones”.

So if The Past Earthly Embodiments don’t die…that means the longer time goes on – the more “Drones” there will be?

A: Exactly.

This is so incredible, why don’t people know about this?

A: Unfortunately, The Hish’ry Cosh’ry’s systematic methods of infecting man are too great. Too many are infected with The Hish, too many wish to suppress the truth of Mandek Penha and His Sarra. Those who live out The Hish’ry Cosh’ry’s Pleasures are often referred to as Hish-Pigs.

Is there any hope of overcoming The Hish’ry Cosh’ry?

A: Yes. We must fill our hearts and minds with The Father’s Love to help protect us from its Hidden Negative Energies. But our most concrete form of salvation comes within our reaching IMZ – an ancient alien race. IMZ have in their possession The Deity Filter, this device will filter out The Hish’ry Cosh’ry’s influence on Earth, whilst allowing The Father’s Love into our hearts. Mandek Penha provides us with the knowledge we need to reach IMZ, but ultimately it’s up to us to implement this knowledge and act.

What can we do to help Man reach IMZ?

A: Give funds to The Church of Sarrean Alignment. Your money will be put to good use through two key areas. The first is in setting up our very first Church of Sarrean Alignment, here in Melbourne. The second avenue for donations is in The IMZ Fund, this money is raised to help us build the technology we need to reach our benefactors beyond the stars. Once we reach IMZ we will annihilate The Hish’ry Cosh’ry on earth – and in turn greatly increase Man’s chances of completing The Great Swim and entering South Sarra. This is our mission as The Church of Sarrean Alignment.

Thanks for taking the time to explain these important things Charolyn, just before you go, could you explain the symbols we often see you use?

:<|>: = The Hish’ry Cosh’ry

._|:- = IMZ