Who are we?


We are The Church of Sarrean Alignment ~|~

We are the children of Lord Mandek Penha.

우리와 함께하십시오.

Learn about our Origins here

Mandek Penha ~|~


Is the creator of South Sarra.

Is the divine counter to all evil in the universe.

Is our protector, our Father, our mother.

보호자 창조자.

The Current Earthly Embodiment


Is Lord Mandek Penha’s Hand on Earth.

Is our direct link to His love, knowledge and plan for Man’s survival.

그를 따라 가라.

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South Sarra

South Sarra copy

Is a sanctuary created for all Humans.

Exists on another plain, rotating alongside Earth (above North-Korea).

Is a contained multiverse made up of The Father’s Children’s Desired-Realms.

인류의 낙원.

The Hish’ry Cosh’ry :<|>:


Is the greatest source of Evil in the Universe.

Wields devastating negative energies and effects all living things on Earth.

Wishes to own the Minds of Man to fulfil its mission.

최악의 악마.

IMZ ._|:-


Are an ancient sentient race, their wisdom extends to time travel, metaphysics and the secrets of the universe.

Are our benefactors beyond the stars, in their possession is The Deity Filter – a device which will completely eradicate The Hish’ry Cosh’ry’s effect on Man.

Once we have reached IMZ, our amalgamation will commence. With The Hish’ry Cosh’ry’s effect nullified, Man and IMZ will live as a perfect race on Earth until entering South Sarra.

-For more information on IMZ, click/read the imagebelow:

IMZ 중요 정보

*Use of the word “evolution” in the above document refers to micro-evolution.