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A Village Story

It’s story-time with Lord Mandek Penha! We took 8 children from the public and treated them to a fantastic tale of truth and bravery.

이야기 시간!

We are not a Cult

In collaboration with Reptile Tile (U.S) we proudly answer the question: is Mandek Penha a cult?

This music video includes video submissions from Equals (members) of The Church of Sarrean Alignment! To follow Lord Mandek Penha and be involved in future projects – join today!


When I Touch my Leg

Our message concerning Man’s most vile and evil institutions is finally here!

만지지 마라!

Men Teach The Boiz (Gurlz Kiss The Boiz)

The Church of Sarrean Alignment have opened their doors to the cameras! It’s Gender Amalgamation Day at the Sarrean Commune – The Gurlz are preparing to meet the Boiz for the first time! This is a trying time for The Next Earthly embodiment, for she feels isolated from the other Gurlz and is coming to understand her fate as future vessel to The Father.

남자 아이들을 가르 칠.


We must reach IMZ. We must gain The Deity filter.

우리는 우리의 친구들에 도달해야.

Home-Land Remix (He is waiting for me)

South Sarra exists above Earth, rotating along side it. Underneath is land occupied by Man, the country of North Korea. North Korea is the closest point to The Sarra from Earth,  this is not coincidence, but preference. North Korea is The Home-Land, The Holy Terminal.

This remix is a testament to “The Father’s Favorites”.

는 그들의 지혜를 기리며.

SUPER DANCE 슈퍼 댄스 동영상

Dancing is REAL! Dancing is FREE!


좋은 댄스를!

Mandek Penha: Bon Jovi – Livin’ On a Prayer

The Current Earthly Embodiment has taken time out of His usual duties to let The Father’s creative energy flow! He has successfully improved upon one of His favorite songs, one well known in a small space of popular culture unmolested by The Hish’ry Cosh’ry’s Negative Energy!

중간에 계십니까?

Mandek Penha Live: Connecting Through Love

Exerts from Mandek Penha’s IMZ residency at The Toff in Town.

Directed and edited by Francisco Flood.

라이브 이벤트!


Made for The Next Earthly Embodiment’s twelfth birthday!