mandekseinfeld“Mandek Penha augments your reality with a commitment to artistic vision rivaled by very few musical acts on this planet”

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“Mandek’s weird blend of hilarious showmanship, complex songwriting and eye-widening religious spectacle is unmatched on the Melbourne live music scene today: it must be experienced”

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“The Current Earthly Embodiment was characteristically composed at the palpable appreciation emanating from the crowd”

Vulture Magazine

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My name is Angus Michael Victor Arnold. I am a musician, multimedia and performance artist from Melbourne, Australia. I recently toured AUS / NZ supporting David Liebe Hart of “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” (Adult Swim / Comedy Central) with Mandek Penha.

Mandek Penha is both a band and satirical cult that explores and satirizes mysticism and religion through bizarre and comedic music, video and role-playing. The leader, The Current Earthly Embodiment (my alter ego), believes He can reach the hearts and minds of today’s youth through creating “pop music” propaganda.

I’ve been developing Mandek Penha for the past 8 years. Presenting itself as a real, fully functioning political and artistic movement (formed in North Korea); it is complete with reading materials, informative videos, membership, rankings, participation and exclusive correspondence with the “Church of Sarrean Alignment” (see hierarchy of members here). This inclusiveness is a new aspect of the project and brings the entire concept to life!

When I Touch my Leg’:

‘Men Teach the Boiz’:

– Mandek Penha Live:

Debut album: ‘Our Present: The Current Earthly Embodiment’

  1. I love my Father, Lord Mandek Penha
  2. We Children Dream
  3. This is How She’ll do it in Japan!
  4. Two Men
  5. A Village Story
  6. My Father (Circa 1975)
  7. When I Touch my Leg
  8. Man and Machine
  9. Must Reach IMZ

Upcoming Shows:

  • June 29th @ The B.east

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