Mandek Penha joins David Liebe Hart on tour!

Mandek Penha joins David Liebe Hart on tour this April!


D.L. Hart is a ventriloquist, musician and alien enthusiast known and loved for his L.A based public-access program and appearances on Tim and Eric Awesome Show – Great Job!

The Current Earthly Embodiment is deeply honoured to be joining him on stage.

Salame! 많은 사랑!

For full tour dates and tickets:

Mandek Penha Tour Tazmania! 시간 여행!

Mandek Penha are coming to Tazmania! 시간 여행!

Tour Poster Final

From Hobart to Marion Bay to Weegena, The Current Earthly Embodiment and Elder #167 will spread the positive energy of The Father!

We are very excited to be performing at The Village as part of Falls as well as an exciting grass roots festival – FESTABLE! To end our tour of Tazmania Mandek Penha will be performing inside an Anglican Church made up of acts from FESTABLE for a very special side show!

We hope this influences the heretics who attend this church to change their Hish’y ways :<|>:

Get ready for great change Tazmania! 큰 변화! ~|~


27th – Brisbane Hotel (HOBART)
30th – Falls @ The Village (Marion Bay)
31st – Festable (Weegeena)


3rd – Festable Sideshow (St George’s Church, Battery Point)